Thursday, September 07, 2006

Boom!!! There went the floor

This is an essay that I wrote nearly a year ago, and I just stumbled upon it in my hard drive. Though I am not currently in the same pondering state as I was then, there are still some cool ideas that made me smile as I read them. The final question is one you never find the answer to, and every once in a while it's good to be reminded to keep asking it. Here's the essay:

In my search for Truth, I have gone down many different roads. I’ve used many different analogies. The whole idea that God was more than religion has always been my guiding light. That through the “Dark Night of the Soul” I would find God. I’ve recently been reading a book called “Life, Sex, and Ideas: The Good Life without God”, and it has sent me in a new direction. I shouldn’t say the book itself has, but rather, the reaction the title has gotten, has done so. People are offended by the idea of “the good life without God”; the concept seems beyond them, as if life without God just isn’t possible. So I started wondering if it was. The question became, “If I didn’t believe in God, what would I change about my life?” I quickly came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t change much of anything. So then I started wondering where God was in all of this. Is it God who makes me “good”, or am I good and give “God” the credit. Where is goodness found? Is morality tied directly to God, or is morality just a religious word for ethics? The book I’ve mentioned, which I admit I’ve barely begun, addresses almost every aspect of society one might imagine, in short two page essays. And while they are not “amazingly profound” they get a discussion going; they get the mind to thinking. I am not trying to convince myself that God does not exist, and that we’ve made him up; my personal journey towards God prevents this from happening on an Absolute level, but I am finding myself facing questions that I’ve never thought of before. And more than facing them, I am pondering the Truth within them. If one can be good and not believe in God, how is God the base of goodness? If following God means living life by a rule book, and never straying from the thinking of the “church”, then there isn’t a lot of incentive for “thinkers” to follow God. Who is God? The Jesus is tied to Christian faith by almost inseparable bonds; though that most certainly shouldn’t be the case. But God is something more, or, in a way, something less. And he truly is a mystery. So now I am wondering if God exists, and BOOM!!!, there went the floor.


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